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Consider a program that provides a preview of places to go and things to do.   Where to go, what to do, even the best time of year to go with a few ideas and tips on how you can spend time and money in an efficient way if time is limited.

Here is an adventure travel-based program that features dream destinations that can be affordable that will feature SCUBA diving, golf courses, beautiful beaches, and water-based pastimes as well as local activities and sights, with respect to the vacationing landlubber. 

This show is different in concept, and completely unique in its target audience and style of presentation.  Young, attractive and vibrant hosts will take us on journeys from quaint little island hideaways to bustling Caribbean nightlife, beach activities, and the best diving available throughout the Caribbean and beyond.  Exploring all aspects of each destination: land, sea, beach, bar, cuisine, attractions and shopping. 

It will be shot in High Definition 16:9 format to maximize great imagery and brilliantly colorful underwater footage and marine life, as well as capturing the brilliant blues and bright colors that island life has to offer.  Quick edit styles and music video pace with proprietary music, will keep viewers attention.
Kimberly Pressler - H2OH's New Face

Our Host...


Los Angeles, CA- Kimberly Pressler was Miss USA 1999 and went on to become one of the most recognized Miss USA’s in the pageant’s history. As a former resident of Franklinville, NY, she now resides in Los Angeles where she has had hit television shows on major networks such as MTV, NBC and ESPN2. Kimberly has been featured in a number of national magazines including People and was voted one of Stuff Magazines “101 Sexiest women in the world”.




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working with talent

H2 OH has started shooting!  We will open our series with an episode from the Island of Grand Bahama!